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Several years ago I ran into a major problem with my home. I had taken care of my mother for over twelve years and when she passed away I inherited my family home.I was not aware of the fact that with her failing health she had allowed the real estate taxes for the home to become seriously in arrears. After she passed away, the wolves with Hennepin County began to put serious pressure on me. I was desperate. I had less than a week to come up with the current year’s taxes or I was faced with the prospect of losing my home.

I had known Ron for many years. I also knew that a big part of his law practice was estate planning and elder law. I had heard that he helped many seniors in the area find solutions for their retirement and comfort for their later years. I told him about my problem and was amazed that he was willing and able to help me out on such short notice! Ron truly cares, and that is unheard of in today’s world! He is truly “one in a million” for his willingness to help me out in time of need. Thanks again to the one person who single-handedly brought me from a total disaster to the point where I can now stand on my own again.

~ Client (Richfield, Minnesota)

Ron Berglund is hands down the best attorney my husband and I have ever worked with. Ron’s 40+ years of experience as an attorney has been evident every time we have had to hire him. He pays great attention to detail, and he is calm, informative and friendly! While it can be very nerve-racking working on legal issues, it has actually pleasant when we have worked with Ron because he is such a wonderful, kind man. We have hired him for both business and personal matters, and we have been absolutely pleased with all our legal representation.

We hired Ron for assistance with both real estate and estate planning matters, and in both areas he demonstrated the breadth of his legal expertise. His professionalism and knowledge are bar none. Ron took a lot of time to explain the legal process with estate planning. He helped us understand everything in a manner easily understood by a layperson. His credentials are impeccable. His legal training and expertise are evident in his interaction with other lawyers, paralegals, courthouse staff and clients. For anyone seeking legal advice in any of Ron’s practice areas, we highly recommend retaining Ron Berglund for your legal services.

~ Clients (Minneapolis and Daytona Beach, Florida)
In 2019, I sought legal representation from Mr. Berglund because I was not allowed to move into an apartment being leased by a local property management company. It was later determined that the person who claimed to be the property manager was actually not the manager. I discovered at the last minute that the apartment had been altered just prior to my move-in date. I told the property managers that I decided not to move in because of the unauthorized alterations that had been made. At this point, the actual property manager tried to “shake me down”. I was told that I had to pay a large sum of money to get out of my lease. Mr. Berglund handled my case, and was able to convince the property management group that I should not have to pay anything to be able to back out of my lease. I am a senior, and I had heard that Mr. Berglund was a crusader for protecting the rights of seniors in the Twin Cities who are often taken advantage of. I am very appreciative of the help he provided to me in time of need.
~ Client (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Ron Berglund has been my personal my lawyer for over 40 years. I have always found him to always be ethical and impeccably trustworthy. Ron is one of the most competent and professional lawyers I have ever done business with. I have enjoyed years of successful business experiences working with him. During this time he has helped me maximize my estate in countless ways. He has always been reliable, timely, and incredibly knowledgeable about the nuances of effective estate planning – and the most effective strategies to help his clients minimize taxes and maximize generational transfer of wealth. I have appreciated that Ron will always go the extra mile to accommodate me and help me achieve the best possible results for all my general legal and estate planning needs.
~ Client (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
I had the great pleasure working with Ron Berglund. He helped me understand the benefits of doing a Transfer on Deed for my condominium. The service I received was very friendly and he knew exactly what I was hoping to achieve. Ron is very efficient in what he does. I highly recommend him for assisting you with your estate planning needs.
~ Client (Richfield, Minnesota)

I’ve known Ron Berglund since elementary school, we have been Facebook friends for several years. While I was aware that Ron was an attorney, I only realized after seeing one of Ron’s Facebook posts that he specialized in estate planning and was offering seminars on that subject.

I suppose like most people our age my wife and I came to realize that through the years our assets grew and grew. Our estate had become more complicated than we were aware. Our assets included several business properties, the house we lived in, some valuable antiques and we were sitting on a couple of IRAs. We were increasingly aware that we had no will, powers of attorney in case of the incapacitation of either of us, or a trust to offer better protection of our assets for our heirs. I’m sure like most everyone we had procrastinated getting this process moving. After all, who wants to speak openly of their own mortality and death and then plan for it.

After seeing another Facebook post about Ron offering a free seminar on estate planning, we decided to stop putting it off and scheduled to attend. We attended the seminar along with about 25 others. The information given was well planned and well delivered with a lot of energy and sincerity. Ron is quite skilled at presenting complicated legal scenarios in plain language that is easy to understand. We learned a lot about estate planning. An estate planning workbook was included along with an offer of a free initial consultation with Ron. Shortly after the seminar we decided to act. A review of the workbook helped us to understand what we needed and why. An initial meeting was scheduled between Anne, myself and Ron. We decided we wanted to create wills and powers of attorney first with a trust to help administer the property later. We put together information required to draw up these documents and got it to Ron. Ron put together drafts of our documents and sent them to us for review. After a couple of questions and a few small changes we scheduled another meeting. Ron reviewed what we were doing with us and made sure we had an understanding and comfort level for it all. Wills and powers of attorney were signed and notarized at this time. The cost was very reasonable.

We highly recommend Ron Berglund and his legal services concerning estate planning.

~ Client (Minnesota)

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