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What Are the Types of Probate in MN?

What Are the Types of Probate in MN What are the types of probate in MN? There are a number of different versions of probate administration, including the following: Summary administration (this is only available if the “gross estate) is less than $150,000);...

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What Is “Probate” in MN?

What is Probate in MN? What is "Probate" in MN? Probate is the legal process of obtaining court authority to transfer property of a person after death. To start a probate case, a petition or application must be filed with the probate court and a “personal...

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The Different Ways We Own Property

The Different Ways We Own Property Probate is only required for the property owned in your own name when you die. If you own property jointly with someone else, you may or may not need the intervention of the probate court. If you have established beneficiaries for...

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What Is “Estate Planning”?

First, it’s important to know that estate planning is not just for the wealthy. Everyone has an estate. Even if you have a very modest estate—it could be as simple as a bank account—you still need a plan. You still need several very important documents to avoid the...

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