Real Estate Law

The Torrens Title and Proceedings in Minnesota

In Minnesota’s Torrens system, a “Torrens title” is granted by Court order at the completion of a title registration proceeding. Title is registered in the name of the owner, with a specific legal description. A new “source of title” is created, called a Certificate...

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What Is “Torrens” Land in Minnesota?

Minnesota has two entirely different systems of land title records. Before Minnesota’s “Torrens Act” was enacted in 1901, all land in Minnesota was “abstract land”. With abstract land, private abstract companies either continue already existing, “abstracts of title”...

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Property Line Disputes in Minnesota

Many of us have purchased homes in Minnesota over the years and rarely even think about the boundary lines that exist with our neighbors. It is reasonable to assume that our legal boundary lines are at or near our fence lines, tree lines, along our driveways or near...

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