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Many Minnesota families value their family legacies, including the possessions passed down from one generation to the next. At times this may include a family business or some other prized possessions that need to be protected to ensure the rightful heirs inherit what belongs to them. If you need a lawyer for wills and trusts near the Twin Cities to help you achieve these important goals, look no further than our team at Berglund Law Office.

Will and Living Trust Attorneys Near the Twin Cities Area

Our attorneys offer representation to families across the Twin Cities metro area and beyond. We understand that each family has its own unique assets and interests when it comes to passing on the inheritance to the next generation and other loved ones.

Regardless of how much wealth and how many assets you have to pass down, you can still benefit from our will and living trust services. Our understanding attorneys are here to speak with you about the unique status and circumstances of your property, assets, finances, and family to formulate the best plan to pass them on after your decease.

Cost-Effective Will and Trust Package

Our attorneys offer cost-effective, a comprehensive package to help you with your will and trust needs in Minnesota. This includes:

  • A willthat designates your desired distribution of your assets and property upon your decease
  • One or more trusts to go into effect while you are alive your after your death
  • Naming a power of attorney to handle financial, medical, and personal decisions for you were you to become unable to handle them yourself
  • Living wills, also called health care directives, that appoint an agent to act on your behalf and designate health care instructions for medical personnel

We understand that writing a will or establishing a trust may seem like a long, arduous task to complete. However, our planning your legacy lawyers near the Twin Cities area are here to make it easy.

For more information about the legal support and counsel we offer for the development of your will or trust, call us today at 952.220.3014 or use our contact form to send us a message.

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