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Medicaid Planning in Minnesota (Part Two): Trusts

Prior to the enactment of Minnesota’s “trust-busting statute” (Minnesota Statutes section 501B.895), several different trusts were commonly used for Medicaid planning. Revocable trusts—which by definition can be changed or rescinded by the trust maker—never worked for...

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Medicaid Planning in Minnesota

A comprehensive estate plan can do more than simply take care of issues which arise when we die.  A good plan can also help you prepare for things that may happen while you are alive. Your plan can help you determine who receives your assets when you die, as well as...

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Irrevocable Trusts in Minnesota

Irrevocable trusts are also commonly used as a method of reducing assets to avoid payment of estate taxes upon death. As the federal estate tax exemption has grown over the years to over $11.5 million for a single person, however, estate tax liability has become less...

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