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When a loved one passes, the family can be left with many difficult matters to address regarding the remaining estate. At Berglund Law Office, a top probate law firm near the Twin Cities, our experienced probate attorneys are here to help you navigate the complex process of distributing estate assets according to your loved one’s wishes. In cases where a will is not present and a deceased’s wishes are unclear, our probate attorneys have the expertise to conduct the required investigation, identify assets, and select the proper estate dispersion. We understand that the process can be overwhelming, and are here to provide you with the support and guidance you need.

Probate Services for Your Family

When a family member passes away, the term “probate” may not come to mind. During this difficult time, surviving loved ones are faced with both the emotions of loss and the responsibility of estate administration and property distribution. Our experienced probate law firm in the Twin Cities can provide guidance and assistance with the gathering of assets and investments, determining heirs, overseeing and administering trusts, and managing other probate issues such as contested wills. Even when a probate process is not necessary, our attorneys can help expedite the dispersal of assets.

Conservatorship, Guardianship, and Power of Attorney

At Berglund Law Office, our attorneys are experienced in providing counsel and setting up the right legal structure for families with members unable to manage their personal or financial matters, such as when someone is incapacitated or a minor child inherits an estate. We are also among the top probate attorneys near the Twin Cities, helping to avoid probate through estate planning, wills, trusts and more. To speak with us, please call us at (952) 955-9755 or fill out our contact form.

No matter the situation, we are prepared to safeguard your legacy.

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