Estate Planning

Transfer on Death Deeds

Since May of 2008, Minnesota law has allowed you to transfer title to real estate you own to a beneficiary expressly stating that the deed is only effective upon your death. The use of a validly executed “transfer on death deed” (TODD) enables you to avoid the...

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How Do I Create a Power of Attorney?

An attorney is not legally required to prepare a power of attorney. However, you should know that powers of attorney are required to be: In writing; Signed by you in front of a notary public; Dated appropriately; and Clear on what powers are being granted. Creating a...

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Irrevocable Trusts in Minnesota

Irrevocable trusts are also commonly used as a method of reducing assets to avoid payment of estate taxes upon death. As the federal estate tax exemption has grown over the years to over $11.5 million for a single person, however, estate tax liability has become less...

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